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I first went to Joanna Shelton, L.Ac., for several small complaints and one big one. My left knee had become very painful with arthritis and the orthopedic surgeon had tried three injections of Syn-visc with no success. His only recommendation was to have the knee replaced. Frankly, I'm too young to start with the replacements. So I went to acupuncture hoping for some relief. Within the first two treatments I felt amazing relief. I admit I changed shoes and started wearing Skecher's Shapeups but without Joanna's expert acupuncture, shoes would have made little difference. I luckily had six treatments with Joanna before I went on a cruise to Greece. My knee behaved beautifully and I even climbed the Acropolis and spent 10 days sightseeing throughout the Mediterranean. Needless to say, I was glad to visit Joanna again after my vacation but without her effective treatments, I would have been sitting on the sidelines and ruining our vacation. She made a believer out of me. Joanna seemed to have a sixth sense about exactly where to place the needles and how deeply. 

- Terah S.

I first met Molly at the AOMA student clinic, and I've been singing her praises ever since. She is so caring and knowledgeable, and my treatment results always go above and beyond my expectations. She has skillfully treated my digestive issues, sciatica, low back pain, fatigue, and stress - just to name a few! The effects of her treatment were nothing short of life changing. But beyond that, Molly's positive energy and easy-going personality make going for treatments an absolute pleasure. I am so grateful to know her, she is a truly amazing person and acupuncturist. 

- Michelle
I've received acupuncture treatments from several practitioners over the years and my treatments from Molly at Elements of acupuncture have been the most effective and thorough by far.  
The center is exquisitely designed perfectly balancing their professional expertise and warm/inviting demeanor and approach. 
- Joaquin G. 
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