Chinese Herbs 
Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to naturally aid in health and wellness as well as alleviating sickness. At Elements of Acupuncture we have one of the largest dispensary of herbs in San Antonio to suit all your needs. With over 400 herbal options all of our herbs are safe and come from large herbal companies that thoroughly test their herbs. We also offer many herbal products that are 100% made in the USA.  

Patent Pills - 
Not like the pills you're used to. Chinese herbs come with no risky and scary side effects when properly prescribed. These pills are made of 100% completely safe and tested herbs and are very convenient to take. We understand many clients are taking Western pharmaceuticals and worry about how herbs interact with their prescripctions. Not to worry, our practitioners are well trained in Western pharmacology and understand how to safely use Eastern herbals alongside prescription drugs, vitamins, and supplements. 

Tinctures - 
A tincture is a liquid strained decoction of Chinese herbs. We sell tinctrures from Herbalogic and Kan Herbs, but we also make many of our own tinctures. This allows us to provide customized tinctures for our clients at a discounted rate by cutting out the distributor.  

We use a combination of quality filtered water and glycerin to extract all the therapeutic elements of the Chinese herbs. The herbs are first ground very fine to increase their surface area for maximum absorption, soaked for 7-21 days, then the decoction is strained. The liquid from the strained decotion is the herbal tincture.  Tinctures have many advantages, they are highly effective and very convenient to take, making them the most commonly prescribed herbs for adults and children. 

Raw Herbs - 
Raw herbs are the most classic preparation of herbs. This is also the most customized because the practitioner has the ability to make the herbal formula specifically for the client by creating an original formula by selecting and combining raw herbs from 300+ herbs available at our clinic.  Individual herbs are combined to make the perfect combination of herbs according to the client's current condition. 
Since they are in their natural state and have not been prepared for intake, they require a bit more effort. The herbs will need to be cooked by boiling in water. After cooking, the decoction is strained and the liquid is drunk as a tea. The practitioner will advise you how to cook the herbs or for a small additional fee we can cook the herbs for clients that would prefer not to do this themselves. 

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